Our Story

PawSau Pet Sitters started in March of 2017 when a friend asked if we wanted to watch cats over a weekend.  Soon after, that friend referred us to another friend, and as of 2023, we’ve cared for over 300 households in Central Wisconsin and beyond.

Shannon Goebel, CPPS
 Pet Care Specialist

Hi, I’m Shannon! I’m a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International and have been caring for my families for six years in March. I started PawSau before I met Breydan, run the admin side of the business and am the one you’ll communicate with for all care needs.

I love all animals.  I haven’t yet met one that’s considered a pet that I haven’t enthusiastically cared for! This not only includes dogs and cats, small animals and reptiles, but also hobby farm pets of all temperaments.  Personally, I have a soft spot for bully breeds and rescued pets that are still learning to trust their new people.  I’m experienced with dispensing oral and injectable medications and sub-q fluids as well.

I pride myself in treating my clients like family-your pets are my pets, and their health, happiness and safety is my priority. I also love to house sit and will care for other household tasks such as mail and plants to ensure you have stress free travel.

My husband Breydan and I own four dogs, six cats, a spider ,a lizard and snake between the two of us and have two kids, Winter and Kai.  The whole family loves pets and we look forward to meeting you!

For more information on my availability, you can reach me at pawsaupetsitters@gmail.com.

Breydan Goebel
Pet Care Specialist

Hi, I’m Breydan! I’ve been caring for pets through PawSau since 2017, about six months after Shannon formed the business.  I often do care in the evening after 7:00 or house sit. I work in Loss Prevention in Wausau, but on my days off I will often “steal” Shannon’s pet care because I love seeing the pets and walking the dogs!

Like Shannon, I love all animals (though she’s more into snakes than I am).  I also love bully breeds and am a proud pitbull owner.  I’m experienced in all temperaments and will not shy away from an animal that may be nervous or aggressive.  If there’s a safe way to care for them, I’m in.

We have experienced just about every pet and house-sitting adventure over the last six years and I love it.  I’m looking forward to caring for your pets!