Daily musings of a Professional Pet Sitter

Hi, its Shannon!

This March marks six years of Pet Sitting full time in Central Wisconsin. I have had some other “side jobs” here and there (particularly during the pandemic) but almost six years ago I made the leap and left the corporate world behind to be a Stay at Home Pet Mom. At your home. With your pets. 🙂

I often hear “you seriously have the best job ever!!” and I definitely do, however, getting to where PawSau is now was a challenge and it continues to have its ups and downs. Animals are animals, and no matter how well trained they are, their care is unpredictable. What it takes to succeed in this business is a positive attitude, professionalism, flexibility and accountability.

Every pet and homeowner is different and their care is a unique experience. I hope that this blog will serve as not only entertainment and inspiration, but also an inside look as to how one business can become the go-to “pet people” to hundreds of families across Wisconsin and beyond.

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With love and gratitude.