We’re in love with PSP!

The new software is rockin’ and we’re in love!

Pet Sitters Plus (PSP for short) has been our method of scheduling and updating owners for two weeks now and its going great. As one of the Owners, I LOVE it because it shows me exactly where my team is and when they check in and out of your home. You get a form emailed to you that has a check list (potty #1 or #2, food, water, etc) , notes from your Pet Care Specialist and photos. That way you can keep a permanent diary of their care, and check it on your own time.

If there IS an issue or question, we will not hesitate to call you…which is also nice because if we’re calling, it means its urgent and not just a routine check in.

One thing that we do ask…please allow 24 hours turn around time to confirm and schedule your request. Before we were getting requests texted to us and it was easy to say “OK!” and then schedule later. The problem is, every so often we were double booking or even forgetting we said OK which is (obviously) not acceptable.

Now it takes a little more work, but once its confirmed we will be there with bells on.

If there’s an emergency or same day care needed, still call or text. 715-302-2336.

We hope you love it as much as we do! We welcome any feedback that you have and can’t wait to learn about all of the other functions PSP has to offer.


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