Pet Sitting

We make pet sitting simple with a flat rate. Our rates are by household, not by pet and are at least 20 minutes in length.

$15.00 for each visit per day for dog households (if you have multiple animals and at least one is a dog, this is your rate).

$10.00 for each visit per day for cat/small animal households (no dogs, even with multiple cats/small animals, this is your rate).

This rate is for a 20-30 minute visits, not per animal. 

The care we provided is dictated by you!  When you become a client of PawSau, we will have a complimentary in-person or phone meeting where we’ll learn all about your pet(s) and what they’ll need during our visits. This can include let outs, walks, feeding, waste clean-up, play time, medication, etc. When you schedule service, you can also make specific notes on your request pertaining to your pet’s needs.

Our Specialists check in, check out and leave a report with details on our visits and photos for each visit.  This is sent to your email to check at your convenience.

House Sitting

House sitting is available on a limited basis.  The cost is $50.00 for a full day, with or without an overnight, $25.00 for a half day.*

House sitting can include an overnight from approximately with additional visits at approximately noon and 5 PM, or four visits a day (approximately 7 am, noon, 5 PM or 9 PM).

Whether we spend the night or not is up to you, the cost is the same either way. No additional accommodations will be needed outside of a WIFI password, specific care and home instructions.

If you’re interested in this service, booking earlier is better.  Please email [email protected] with your request.

*An extended travel fee may apply.  If you live more than 20 minutes from downtown Wausau, please email us for a quote.