Pet Sitting

We make pet sitting simple with a flat rate. Our rates are by household, not by pet and are approximately 20 minutes in length.

$10.00 for each visit per day.

The care we provide mimics the type of care you would give your pets, and includes feeding, medication, waste pick up and playtime.

Our Specialists check in, check out and leave a “diary entry” with details on our visits and a photo for each stop.  This is sent to your email to check at your convenience or you can always check online to see current and past feedback in your client portal.

House sitting

House sitting is available on a limited basis.  Shannon will stay at your home and care for your pets for the entirety of the time requested with no more than an hour away at a time.  The cost is $50.00 for for a full day and overnight, $25.00 for a half day.  She will need to bring her baby with and no additional accommodations will be needed for her or her child outside of a WIFI password, specific care and home instructions.

If you’re interested in this service, booking earlier is better.  Please email with your request.