Scheduling Notes

Hi! I’m Shannon!

I’m the Co- Owner of Pawsau, pictured here with my buddy Luther.

If you’ve made contact or had a meeting with us, you’ve met me.

I “run the show” from a Victorian house by Marathon park where I live with my fiance, Breydan. We have six other members of our team, Ayla, Nicole R., Nicole G., Jaxon, Kyra Eli and Sarah, who are amazing Pet Care Specialists, and we’ll soon be adding to the team as well.

I wanted to explain how scheduling works:

I do full time pet care and overnights at people’s homes as needed. Breydan and the rest of our team has other jobs and commitments, and most days, when they can do care, it’s around another schedule.

I do the scheduling, and it’s quite the wonderful, epic puzzle. We do, on average, 200 pet care visits a week. I have to call “we’re full!” based on my availability and the hours my team knows in advance. Usually they don’t know until a week before so spots may open up.

That’s why we have a waiting list. As hours open up, we’re able to accept care off that list.

When we add to the team (soon! As soon as I have time to interview!) it will be the same deal on a larger scale.

The best way to avoid not missing care is to schedule early. If you can’t, you can’t, and that’s OK. We’ll always try to be there if we can.

Holidays WILL fill up. They always do. And Breydan and I take our family vacation December 26th through December 28th so staff availability will be limited during those days.

If you have any questions, just shoot us a message!

Thank you so much for trusting us with your pack. <3