Pet Sitting Process

Our “Pet Care Stops” are approximately 30 minutes,  and mimic the type of care you would give your pet.  This includes feeding, medication, playtime, and a walk (if requested).

Our fee is per household, not per pet

$15.00 for the first two 30 minute visits per day.  This will include a 15 minute walk if requested. Want a longer walk than 15 minutes…?  Each additional 15 minute block is $10.00, or an additional mark on your Kennel Free Card.

$10.00 for each additional visit per day.

$15.00 to spend the night at your home.  We will arrive by 9 PM at the latest and leave at 7 AM (at the earliest).  This is an additional fee to pet care and should be scheduled outside of service.  This service has limited availability so please book early.

$5.00 Outlying Area Fee.  Our standard rates are within 20 minutes of downtown Wausau.  For our outlying clients (for example, Mosinee and Merrill), there is an additional $5.00 per stop, or $10.00 additional fee for a full day of care.

We don’t charge an additional fee for multiple pets or more intensive care (medication, etc). There is also no additional travel fee, as long as you’re within about 20 minutes of downtown Wausau.  If you feel that we earned more than we charge, gratuity is appreciated but never expected.

Each day will be structured based on your pets needs and will mimic the type of care they receive at your home.

Our pet stops are a minimum of 20 minutes in length, but our goal is at least a half hour.

Once you see that we’ve done a fantastic job, we would love for you to leave a review on our facebook  or google if you’re computer savvy so that others will use our service, too

5 thoughts on “Pet Sitting Process”

  1. I’m so beyond impressed with this family of care/love givers! I highly recommend them as we have pretty extensive experience with their services. We have FOUR feline “kids”…all with very different yet quirky personalities and they ALL love Tania and Shannon! I’m very cautious about who I would leave my babies in the care of, and I can honestly say I have no worries while I am out of town.

    1. Thank you so much! You were one of our first families that inspired us to start the business, and we just adore you.

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