We accept cash, check or PayPal payments.  You’re welcome to leave your payment at your home on the day of care.

If you prefer to mail your payment, checks can be made to PawSau Pet Sitters, and our mailing address is:

PawSau Pet Sitters
607 Elm Street
Wausau, WI

For care consisting of more than three full days, we require at least 50% down to reserve the date.  This cost is fully refundable up until the first day of care.

If you have any questions on cost , just let us know!  You may also use the PayPal button below to submit payment.

Cage Free Cards

We offer a Pre Paid Pet Stop card option that will save you over 30% on the cost of ten pet stops!

Our Cage Free Cards are a business card magnet with ten, 20-30 minute stops. When our Pet Care Specialists arrive at your home, we just mark off a box, and when you get towards the end of the card, we let you know. Simple!

These cards don’t expire, and are a great way to secure our service at our current rates. You may gift them, but once they’re in use they’re only valid at one location. The cards are non refundable.

A Cage Free Card is $115.00 for 10 stops (please note-this increased on September 1st, 2018 and is the only increase through 2019). Use the PayPal button below to order yours today, and we will drop it off tomorrow!

Cage Free Card