PawSau Is Closing January 1, 2022

´╗┐Dear PawSau Pack Members,

Thank you so much for an incredible four and 1/2 years of welcoming our team into your family and home. We are truly blessed to of been able to care for your pets full time, and our lives on the road have been an unforgettable adventure.

The owners of PawSau Pet Sitters, Breydan and Shannon, are happy to share that they’re welcoming their first child together, a little girl, in the beginning of January. Because of this, they have made the very difficult decision to no longer run PawSau. Breydan has begun a career in Loss Prevention, and Shannon has decided to be a stay at home parent and homemaker beginning January 1st, 2022.

Behind the scenes, they and their team work seven days a week, 12 + hours a day. They’re rarely home, and this is just not conducive to raising a young child. Because of the inconsistency in requests, a salaried Manager is not the best option for us.

This may be more more than you need to know, but we wanted to be sure you understood that this decision, at the peak of PawSau’s popularity, was not an easy one to make. That said, we have developed a plan to make the transition to new pet care as seamless as possible for you.

Most of our Team Members have shown interest in independent care. In November, we will send out a second letter with the preferred contact information for them and their general availability. A meeting with any current PawSau Pet Sitter is complimentary through the end of the year.

Should another reputable in-home pet care service begin, we will share that information with you as well. Because of the personal nature of how we run PawSau Pet Sitters, we have decided to absolve the company (as opposed to selling it). In short, Shannon would like to be removed from pet care while she is starting her adventure as a new mom.

Kennel Free Cards

Kennel Free Cards are our pre paid, ten visit pet care cards. They do not currently have an expiration date, and will be honored. This will continue post January 1st if visits remain by either Shannon, Breydan or a current member of PawSau Pet Sitters.

Moving forward, and beginning August 15th, ten visit cards will no longer be available. We will now offer five visit cards for $65.00. There will be no limit on these cards but please note-they will expire January 1st 2022 with no exceptions. If you pay the usual rate of $130.00 for ten visits, you will be presented with two of these five visit cards.

Care through the end of 2021 is not affected by this change. We have been booking up frequently with the surge of post pandemic travel, but will continue to take as many requests as able through December 31st. We will not be offering care on January 1st 2022. If you plan to book us for New Year’s Eve you must find care the next day for your pets.

Please feel free to email us at with additional questions.

We hope that we are offering enough time and options to adjust to this change. We love your pets very much, but we can never go back to these early years with our daughter and hope you can understand our desire to focus on our family.

With love,

Shannon, Breydan and The PawSau Pet Sitters