Important information about PawSau Pet Sitters after January 1st

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

This email will cover the use of Kennel Free Cards, a care discount until January 1st on singular visits, and care options after January 1st.

Kennel Free Cards

PawSau Pet Sitters is coming to a disappointing end. Many people have been buying and selling discounted cards online or scheduling care “just because” in order to get rid of the cards by January 1st.

This has affected our family financially, as well as impacted so many families that truly need care.

We have done everything we can to make it clear that your cards do not expire. We will honor them after January 1st. While these visits will be limited as it will be Breydan and myself, our care is not open to those without cards which will make it much easier to obtain. will stay active. This is the best way to get us your care requests after the 1st. You can also text 715-302-2336 which is Shannon’s number. Again, this is ONLY for the ten stop Kennel Free Cards that don’t have an expiration date.

Individual visit discount prior to January 1st

Moving forward, each individual stop will be $13.00, the cost of a discounted card stop. You do not need to purchase a card to receive service. We are still selling five visit cards for convenience, but these expire after January 1st.

You MUST pay for individual stops prior to service.

Care after January 1st

Sarah Joss will be able to care for all animals beginning January 15th. You may reach her by email, or by phone number 715-498-1466

She will be out of the country from December 12th through mid January.

We will be dropping off flyers with this information for your convenience. Please do not reach out to her to take your care during the “full dates” listed on our site prior to January 1st. The reason they’re full is because we are both working pet care.

There will not be dog pet care available from January 1st through January 15th with the exception of those using 10 stop kennel free cards.

I (Shannon) will continue caring for cats and small animals after January 1st. You may reach me at, or by texting 715-302-2336. All dog requests and small animal care requests that I can’t honor will be forwarded to Sarah.

Other pet care options

Unfortunately, our other team members (Nicole R, Nicole G, Kyra, Ayla and Jon) have left pet care for various reasons. Many have moved out of the area, some have graduated college and moved on to full time jobs that don’t allow them time to do care. All are missed.

We highly recommend Casey’s Pet Sitting in Birnamwood. She is insured and bonded. is also a good option. We have quite a few independent sitters on that site. There are things that you can do to make using that service successful. Please keep an eye on our blog at for these thoughts and more.

I am hesitant to recommend anyone else at this time. If you know of sitters that you wish I speak with, please let me know. I’ve had quite a few people saying they want to be recommended that launch right into “needing extra money” and maybe I’m being too sensitive but that doesn’t bode well with me. If I recommend someone I would like it proven that they put the animals and families first.

I apologize for the length of this email but I wanted to make sure that we are clear.

10 visit kennel free cards do not expire. Email me for care. Even if its years from now, the cards will be honored.

Sarah is your go-to-sitter after mid January

I will continue doing cats and small animal care indefinitely as able. The reason dogs aren’t included is I will be home with the baby. Timed stops will be difficult.

Thank you for five years of caring for your families. We appreciate the trust you’ve had in us for this time, and hope it continues as we move forward into the next phase of PawSau Pet Sitters.

Shannon and Breydan Goebel
Owners-PawSau Pet Sitters
(and baby, due mid January)