Flash Sale on Cage Free Cards!!! Here’s the details on what that means.

Happy National Pet Day, otherwise known as The Last Cage Free Card Sale Before Summer! (enter dramatic music here)

Cage Free Cards are our prepaid, 20 minute minimum pet care cards. They’re in a business card form with 10 squares on them, each square representing a stop. Most clients stick the cards on their refrigerator (but any place that our team can find them is fine). When we come to your home to take care of your pets, we simply mark off a box, and once we get to the end of the card we leave you a little note to purchase a new one.

This eliminates the need to track down and deposit money, making our job easier. To make this option more appealing to you, we give you a discount on the stops when purchased ahead of time. Ten stops for $100. Pet care stops are usually $15.00 each, so this saves you 33% ($50.00).


By “ever so slightly” they will rise from $100 to $115. Gas prices, extended travel time, and general popularity has made this necessary.

The good news!!

Our cards never expire! And since we have the best job in the world with new clients added weekly, never will we!

The Better news!!

The Cage Free Cards are available year round, and several times a year we have flash sales that make the cards even less expensive, just to say thank you for making us part of your pack.

Our last one before the summer season is tonight! April 11th from 6:00-7:00 PM!! Cage Free Cards are only $75.00!!! That’s HALF OFF!

Here’s how it works.

Head to Facebook for when we say The Sale Is Open, or set a timer for 6:00 P.M.

Anytime from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, text (715-302-2336), email (pawsaupetsitters@gmail.com), comment on the status update or Facebook message us to let us know you would like a card/cards and how many.

If at all possible, please send payment by Pay Pal at pawsaupetsitters@gmail.com, or by Facebook messenger. If not possible, please arrange to have us pick up cash/check or to have it mailed.

**Payment must be made or arranged for by 9:00 PM**

We will then have your cards to you by the weekend!

Thank you so much for supporting our business, and trusting us with your pack. If you’re new to the Cage Free Card concept, you’ll love them. All you have to do is shoot us a text or a message, and we’ll be there to watch your pets…whether you’re stuck at work or stuck at the beach. 🙂


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