“Booked” weekends and a New Client Freeze

Do you want to know what’s not fun about having the Greatest Job in the World…?

Having to take a step back and saying “sorry, we’re full.”

PawSau has grown exponentially this summer. And by exponentially, I mean we have a staff of five putting in 110 hours of pet sitting over the next five days (for example).

Before we ride this wave so high that we sink, we really need to take a step back and make sure that we can fully staff each and every Pet Care Stop that we’re hired for, and that we’re giving our pets the full attention that they need.

Because of this, we’ve made two upcoming decisions.

We’re booked for the last two weekends of August. Each caregiver that’s available at this time is comfortable with the amount of stops that they’ve been assigned…along with a little “wiggle room” for emergency visits needed from our regular clients.

We’ve been giving clients notice of this for quite some time so hopefully this isn’t a shock for anyone. The cool thing is, in September we’ll be switching to new software that will allow you (through an app on your phone) to see exactly who is available at what times, and request your own pet stops. Once its “confirmed” you can rest assured that we will be there with bells on. This will eliminate the influx of Facebook messages, texts, emails and phone calls that we currently get our requests from which will make us A LOT more organized and efficient.

The second decision is to do a New Client Meeting freeze during September.

We do a lot of meetings. And by “we”, I mean me. Because I want you to meet the one of the owners of the business, and Brittany is much more of an animal person than a people person. :). This makes general business maintenance hard, because I take care of animals all day, do meetings most of the evening, and then try to take care of my family in the nooks and crannies.

To do a bit of catch-up, September will be for existing clients only, and then we will be back to meeting new pack members in October. I think this will work well, since traditionally we are slowest in September after Labor Day…if you can consider “Traditionally” being only a year and a half under our belt.

All that said, thank you so much. Thank you for trusting us with your families, for talking us through the great things we do and those things that need improvement and for helping us grow into a viable, long term business. It hasn’t been easy by any means but its worth every single challenge.

Thank you for making us part of your Pack!


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